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insphere Share has everything you need to mirror the device screen to a TV or interactive flat panel.
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Easily present and collaborate

Share your content from Mobile Phones, Tablets, Notebooks, Desktops and transmits to interactive flat panel wirelessly in real time.
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Screen Mirroring

Eliminates the need for cable connections. Share from up to 16 devices.
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Quick mirroring via the Webpage

seamlessly share their screens without the hassle of installing any additional apps.
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Multiple Screen Sharing

Experience the convenience of sharing your screen from one device to multiple displays simultaneously.
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Display Grouping

Effortlessly share the main screen’s content with all grouped displays in real-time.
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Display Broadcasting

All attendees or students can simultaneously view the content displayed on the large screen with their individual devices.
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Both way collaboration

Directly interact with the shared screen from either the large display or their own devices, enabling more efficient collaboration.
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No app required

Simply Plug and Play without installing any software, and cast wirelessly from your laptop.
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Control Mirroring

Complete mirroring control who to share screen.

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Effortlessly utilize the audio and video equipment directly from your laptop.
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